Thursday, July 1, 2010

Temper of Kaka is a Worry for Dunga: Brazil vs Netherlands

Kaka is well-known for holding his nerve under pressure and his soft temper. However, the Brazilian midfielder seems to have become a bit aggressive in the World Cup which is currently going on in South Africa. He has lost his temper on a number of times and even received marching order against Ivory Coast.

Kaka is one of the key players of Brazil in the tournament and it is natural that he would be tempted by his opponents to lose his temper. This was the condition when he was shown red card for elbowing a Ivory Coast player, even though video footage was clear that he was temped to do so.

In any sports, a team tries to distract the opponent’s key players in an attempt to reduce the players’ impact in the game. It is a very well-known strategy in spots, but now it looks Kaka is not aware of this strategy.

Kaka returned in action against Chile after serving a one-match suspension, but still it looked he could not get over the problem of controlling his temper. In the 3-0 win over Chile, he picked up a yellow card for an unnecessary tackle when his team was 3 goals ahead.

Now, another yellow card against Netherlands would see him missing Brazil’s next international match which could be the semi final in the tournament. It seems that Kaka is totally frustrated for his ordinary showing so far in the tournament and his frustration has already reached the boiling point.

Now, Dunga must talk to Kaka about this matter and help him to keep his temper under control ahead of Friday’s quarter final mach against Netherlands.

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