Monday, August 9, 2010

Apple blocks in Apple store: iPhone 4 supporting Adobe Flash

Jailbreak iPhones have always been a headache for Apple and pranksters are jailbreaking iPhones inside the Apple Stores using its Wi-Fi facility. Going to the stores, pranksters pick up the demo iPhone and then access through Apple’s Safari browser and then jailbreak the phone which takes hours to restore.

After some people uploaded their videos of jailbreaking Apple iPhone inside Apple stores, Apple blocked from in-store Wi-Fi. However, another prankster who goes by the name IT Geek worked around this problem. Named IT Geek, the prankster used the mobile hotspot feature on his Nexus One phone to access an in-store iPad to connect to the Internet.

In late July 2010, U.S. government announced that jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone is legal. The big problem is that jailbreak would allow hackers to take control of devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod and procure sensitive information about users by luring them to visit a particular website. Apple announced that it is working on to fix this problem.

Another sad news for Steve Jobs is that it is now possible to run the much debated Adobe Flash on iPhone 4 but in order to do so, you would have to Jailbreak your phone which means lose your warranty. A hacker, who goes by the name Comex,  developer of the JailbreakMe tool, brings Frash that would allow users to view Adobe Flash content on their phones.  

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