Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apple iPhone engineering head leaves the company after iPhone 4 antenna problem

Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President, Engineering for the iPhone and iPod, Apple is leaving the firm after the antenna problem of Apple iPhone 4.

The news of Papermaster’s departure from Apple was first reported by New York Times. However, it is not clear whether, Papermaster left Apple on his own accord or he was forced to resign.

Papermaster was absent from the July 16, 2010 press conference of Apple where Steve Jobs talked about the iPhone 4 antenna problem. During the event, Steve Jobs said that there is no such problem and said that the problem with antenna in smartphones is an industry-wide phenomenon which irked other smartphone makers.

Papermaster did not comment on his departure. Apple spokesperson, Steve Dowling confirmed Papermaster’s departure to New York Times. Bob Mansfield, Vice President, Macintosh Engineering will take over Papermaster’s post.

Papermaster’s biography and photograph have been taken out from Apple’s website. According to Google, Apple removed Papermaster’s profile on August 3, 2010.

Mark Papermaster served in Apple for only two years. Prior to joining Apple, he worked in IBM’s blade server and PowerPC groups for 26 years.

However, Papermaster’s move to Apple was delayed when IBM filed a lawsuit against Papermaster. Then in early 2009, Papermaster counter-sued IBM. His role in Apple had been reduced by Apple head honcho Terry Fadell citing “personal reasons.”

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