Monday, August 16, 2010

Apple strict control is making its iAd partners unhappy

Apple iAd, which has been rolled out with the new Apple iOS 4 in July, is getting mixed reviews from its partners. Some companies are happy as they are getting good responses while some are not happy with the amount of control Apple is exercising over the creation of ads causing delays which the advertisers are not used to.

Apple iAd was launched in July 1, 2010 and initially, the company named 17 partners for its iAd platform. Out of these 17 partners, only two companies- Unilever PLC and Nissan Co., launched iAd campaigns for much of July while Citigroup Inc., Walt Disney Co. and J.C. Penney Co. launched ads during

back-to-school-season. Other partners are still working on their iAd campaigns.

Unilever and Nissan are happy with the iAd platform. and CBS Mobile said that they could charge 177% more for ad space in their applications for the iAd. Neither Apple nor its iAd partners gave out any statistics but said their advertisements kept users interested for a longer period of time compared to other ads.

On the contrary, some iAd partners are saying that they are experiencing delays for Apple’s control over the creation of ads. From brainstorming to completion, it takes ten weeks to create an ad for the iAd platform which is more than the time required to develop an advertisement. Because of Apple’s involvement the whole process has become more laborious and in some cases the time of completion increases by two weeks.

For this reason, Chanel SA, a luxury marketer, postponed their plans of developing an iAd. Citigroup experienced delays and this is why the company is working in phase closely with Apple to make sure everything goes as planned.

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