Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asus is gearing up with new tablets PC to compete with Apple iPad

Asus is now coming up with a slew of tablet PCs to compete with Apple iPad. The Taiwan-based company is going to roll out a new Google Android based in March 2011 according to Asus CEO, Jerry Shen. Not named yet, the new tablet would cost $399.

The new Asus tablet will sport a 10-inch screen and will be run by Google Android version 3.0

There will be another tablet PC, EP101TC, sporting a 10-inch screen that would run ARM processor and would have Microsoft’s Windows Compact 7 OS. The device will have 64-GB storage and its look will resemble closely to that of the iPad and it would cost between $399 and $499.

During the Q2 financial results conference, Mr.Shen said, “If you want to compete with the iPad, you have to do more than just be less expensive, You have to offer more features. We want to spend more time perfecting the [Eee Pad line] before we launch,” he added. “We’re looking more at Q1 to launch the devices.”

Mr. Shen said that Asus would launch Eee Pad EP121, a pricey device to match with Apple iPad. The device will be either launched in December or January.

The Eee Pad EP121 will sport a 12-inch touch screen and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It will have Windows 7 Home Premium OS. Users would be able to convert the device into a laptop computer by hooking up with a keyboard dock. The device would cost around $1000.

In October 2010, Asus will also launch a Linux-based e-reader priced at $300.

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