Friday, August 13, 2010

Call Center Sector in Bangladesh facing Numerous Obstacles

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) started giving call center license on 2008 in Bangladesh. In the last two years, Tk 250 crore (around US$35 million) of money has been invested in the sector but many of the investors are now facing a tough challenge just to survive.
The English Language daily, The Daily Star has published a report written by Jasim Uddin Khan yesterday: Call centres hanging up
In the report, it was mentioned that hassles from the middlemen, lack of skilled workers, poor infrastructure condition of Internet in Bangladesh are the 3 major problems for the call center owners.
Reazuddin Mosharaf, secretary general of Bangladesh Association of Call Centre and Outsourcing said to the Daily Star, "When the buyers come to know about the backward linkage of the industry, they get lukewarm. We need to strengthen our backward linkage soon."
When Call Center was opened in 2008, many persons applied for licenses. However, many of them failed to go to operation after that. 
Neighboring India has become the top name in this field. So, there was a lot of optimism that Bangladeshi entrepreneurs would also do very well.  

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