Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Makes Phone calls to India cheaper with Gmail Phone

Google has brought out a new feature that would allow Gmail users to call to phone lines from Gmail inbox. Right now, this facility can be enjoyed by U.S. based Gmail users and calling to phone numbers in USA and Canada is free for at least 2010. This new feature would also decrease the charge of calling to India.
According to the comparison chart, Google will charge 6 ¢/min for calling to India while "Leading internet telephony provider" is charging 9.2 ¢/min + connection fee. Google did not mention who this leading internet telephony provider is but it is clear that Google has Skype in its mind as Skype has the rate of 9.2 ¢/min + connection fee for calling to India.   
This is good news for people of Indian origin living in USA and Canada. There are more than 2.5 million of people of Indian origin in USA and thus, it is an important market for both Google and Skype.
Google is offering lower rated compared to Skype for other South Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.  

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