Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greg Chappell has been appointed CA’s first full-time selector

Former Test captain, Greg Chappell, has been appointed as Cricket Australia’s first full-time selector. He will join as one of its four members until the chairman, Andrew Hilditch, will take retirement from the selection panel.

He said that he is ready to take the tough calls after being appointed as the first full-time selector by Cricket Australia (CA).

CA selection panel consists of three members- David Boon, Jamie Cox and Andrew Hilditch. Andrew Hilditch is still the chairman of this reputed cricket board. He will continue his job as as chairman of the national selection panel until the end of the World Cup in 2011. After his retirement, Greg Chappell will replace one of the three members. It is yet to be decided whom Greg Chappell will replace. This decision will be taken in October.

Greg Chappell trains the youngsters in Australia being the head coach at the Center of Excellence in Brisbane in 2008. Leaving his current position, he will move to Melbourne for his new position as he was appointed national talent manager by Cricket Australia on Monday.

He has come at the centre of attraction after announcing that he will take the tough calls. May be, he will change Australia’s top three batsmen who are approaching 36. Perhaps, he will be eyeing on bringing new players into the side. The 62-year-old Greg Chappell put him under criticism after India’s early elimination from the 2007 World Cup under his coach. During his time as Team India coach, he was involved in a clash with Sourav Ganguly. It brought the result of ending Sourav Ganguly’s captaincy period.

It will be interesting to see if he can do his job successfully or not.

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  1. we know what to think of greg chappel not just us the whole world knows what to think of him. have you forgotton the famous and most popular incident among the likes greg chappel :"The underarm incident (1981) " where ted chappel was asked to bowl the last ball underarm against newzealand to avoid going for a six by his captain" take a wild guess who the captain was.