Friday, August 13, 2010

Help Movie Review: Not so horrifying

Bobby Deol and Mugdha Godse starrer Help Hindi movie released in theatres on August 13, 2010. It is a horror movie and it is the first horror movie in Mugdha Godse’s career and her first pair up with Bobby Deol.

Help is a super natural horror film that revolves around a human soul seeking revenge on people who harmed him. Vic (Bobby Deol) is a successful horror movie director and Pia (Mugdha Godse) is his wife. The two are going through a tough time in their marriage. Suddenly, they rush to Mauritius to see Pia’s ailing father.

Pia left Mauritius when she was five years old and upon returning to their old house she confronted her past. There is something deep and dark in this house. The spirit of Pia’s twin sister, who died when she was five years old, seeks revenge and Pia is possessed by the spirit. Together they kill people who get into their way.

Vic loves Pia very much and he does not have much time in hand. With the help of a parapsychologist, Dr. Aditya Motwani, he tries to save Pia.

The movie opens up with a lot of expectation but fails to keep the reader hooked till the end. Aside from one or two sequences, most of the scenes are not so scary. The script writers- Deepak Pawar, Viddesh Malandkar- came up with some good sequences but followed the traditional route of horror movie.

Bobby Deol was fits well into his character and Mugdha Godse also does very well. Her growth as an actress shows up on the screen. Overall, Help Hindi movie is not so much spooky and entertaining as it was supposed to.

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