Thursday, August 12, 2010

Indian Scientist Vinay Deolalikar Finds the Solution of P versus NP Problem of Mathematics

Vinay Deolalikar, an Indian-born computer engineer, has created a buzz in the international media by claiming that he has solved the ‘P versus NP problem’ of mathematics. P versus NP problem is one of the most notable unresolved problems in mathematics.

Deolalikar, who is currently working as a research scientist at the HP laboratory in the US, has recently sent his manuscript to the mathematicians claiming that he has got the solution of the P versus NP problem which was first devised in 1971. His solution proves that P is not equal to NP.

Solution of this problem is so significant in the field of computer science and mathematical logic that P versus NP problem is considered as one of the seven Millennium Problems by the Clay Mathematical Institute. Even the US-based institute has also offered $1 million for its solution.

Deolalikar’s manuscript would now be reviewed and assessed individually by the mathematicians before Clay makes the final decision over its validity. The manuscript containing over 100 pages would take the mathematicians few days before they come up with their decisions.

A few mathematicians have already questioned Deolalikar’s solution to the P versus NP problem. Richard Lipton, a computer scientist in the US, has said to the media, “Whether he got it right or not, he has tried to add to our understanding of this great problem. We need more people working on hard problems. If no one does, then they never will be solved.”

An MIT associate professor, Scott Aaronson, has also rejected the proof devised by Deolalikar. Aaronson expects Deolalikar to answer few questions on the issue.


  1. what was the problem?

  2. p != Np, now don't ask what is np