Saturday, August 28, 2010

Madhav Kumar Nepal: Maoists are trying to Reinstate Monarchy

The caretaker Prime Minister of Nepal Madhav Kumar Nepal has alleged that the Maoists are trying to reinstate monarchy in the country. He also accused the Maoists party of trying to capture power by attempting to include their members in the national army. He has called on a consensus between the major parties about the post of Prime Minister.
Mr. Kumar was the immediate past Prime Minister of the country but was forced to resign on June 30 of this year after he lost support of some of the large parties.
This accusation against the Maoists is shocking because it was the Maoists who were in the forefront of turning Nepal into a Republic after the election of 2008.
Madhav Kumar Nepal said, "It is a foul smell that the Maoists, who claimed themselves to be revolutionaries are trying to reinstate monarchy in the form of cultural King."
This accusation came after Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Kamal Thapa said, "Prachanda told me during a meeting that foreign intervention has intensified in the country after the abolition of monarchy.
He told me that he realised the need to restore monarchy to save the country from foreign intervention."

The Maoists leaders will perhaps come out an official reaction very soon about the matter. Right now, Nepal is in a serious political deadlock and there is almost no active real government ruling the country as the major parties could not find a successor to Mr. Kumar.

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