Friday, August 13, 2010

Mark Hughes: From our point of view the situation has not changed about Mark Schwarzer

Fulham coach Mark Hughes has put an end to all the speculations about the possible transfer of Mark Schwarzer to Arsenal. He stated that he understood the aspiration of Schwarzer join a big club like Arsenal and play in Champions League but he must think what is best for Fulham. This means that Arsene Wenger would have to look for another goalkeeper.
Arsenal placed an offer in May and Fulham rejected it. Earlier this week, Schwarzer emailed and requested for a transfer and he publicly told that he wished to go to Arsenal and play in Champions League.
Hughes felt that Fulham needed a top quality goalkeeper like Schwarzer this season.
Mark Hughes said, "From our point of view the situation has not changed. There was interest from Arsenal in May. Their bid was refused. We have not had any more bids and we wouldn't encourage any. Mark sees it as an opportunity with the current stage that he is at in his career.
I can appreciate that but he has to understand that we have to protect Fulham too. At the moment it wouldn't be right for Fulham football club.
He is an outstanding goalkeeper. It's only when you work with players that you realise how good they are.
It would be difficult to replace him. It's difficult to get the right quality into your football club. We have a top-class keeper in our squad and we would like to keep him."

So, Arsene Wenger will have to step up his efforts to get a good goalkeeper this season. It is also reported in the media that Manuel Almunia would like to leave Arsenal if Wenger can find a new goalkeeper. 

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