Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Involvement of US in the India-RIM Clash over BlackBerry Smartphone

Indian government has set up an August 31 deadline for RIM to allow the security agencies to have access to the encrypted communication provided by the BlackBerry smartphones in the country. UAE and Saudi Arabia have already banned BlackBerry’s instant messaging services on security ground.

Now, if RIM fails to meet the deadline set up by Indian government then the e-mail and instant messaging services of BlackBerry could be banned in the country.

The state department of United States has, however, revealed that the country would not be involved in the issue and RIM has to sort out the problem with the concern authority in India.

BlackBerry smartphone provides the users more secured communication which is different from that of others and it is believed that terrorists can use its e-mail and instant messaging services in their activities. In fact, it is suspected that terrorists used these BlackBerry services in the Mumbai Terror attack in 2008.

That is why, Indian government wants RIM to allow the security agencies in the country to decrypt the BlackBerry communications for security measures.

There are around 1 million BlackBerry users in the country and India has become BlackBerry’s fastest growing market. Naturally, RIM would like to sort out the problem as soon as possible. The good thing is that the Canada-based company has successfully sorted out the problem with the officials of Saudi Arab.

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