Friday, August 13, 2010

Peepli [Live] movie review: A great mixture of comedy and tragedy

Aamir Khan production’s Peepli [Live] released in theatres today. The movie won rave reviews from the critics. Everybody who has seen the movie said that for a debutant director, Anusha Rizvi did a fabulous job with the script. The movie just showed how things are. It did not get preachy or did not add any unnecessary dialogues.

If you are among those people who enjoys commercial cinema with actress wearing short dresses and dhinchak item songs then this movie is not for you. Those who would enjoy cinema with a good story would like this movie very much. Natha lives in a small village named Peepli and he is about to lose his land, his only source of income, for being unable to repay his debt. When they went to the local political leader, he drove them away. Then Natha’s elder brother, Budhia, tells him to commit suicide for the honor of the family. Election is coming up and the moment, when news of Natha’s suicide spread out, media people and politicians from everywhere come downs to Peepli. Each has their own agenda but nobody thinks about poor Natha.

Aamir Khan deserves a lot of credit for picking up such a subject. His marketing genius helped the movie to get lots of exposure. Though a low budget movie, Peepli [Live] has a story to tell.

Accept Naseeruddin Shah, the movie did not have any heavyweight Bollywood actors but all of them including Naseeruddin played their part very well. Omkar Das Manikpuri played the role of Natha very well. He did not have too many dialogues but with his simple expressions and short dialogues he portrayed his frustration and helplessness.

Overall, Peepli [Live] is a great movie to watch. It has a story to tell and the comedy is very enjoyable.

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