Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sony PRS-350 and PRS-650 E-Book Readers will be Launched Soon at Attractive Price

Sony Insider has reported that Sony is going to launch two E-book readers very soon. The company has been facing stiff competition in this market from Amazon and other companies. Sony PRS-350 and PRS-650 will be touch screen based.
Earlier this year, Apple came to the market with iPad and it just spiced up things for e-book reader gadgets. A few days ago, Amazon launched $139 Kindle. So, it seems that Sony was falling behind in this market. Sony Insider also informed that Sony was going to make them affordable for most consumers.
When it comes to an e-book reader, the thinness is perhaps an important factory and Sony is going to make them just 10mm width. PRS-650 is going to come with 6 inches display while PRS-350 is going to be equipped with 5 inches.
The two devices will have good battery life, USB 2.0 and Adobe PDF ability. May be it is time that e-book reader manufacturers focus on USB 3.0.
In many ways, 2010 is the year of e-book readers. Many companies have joined the bandwagon and still more to come. There is already a price war and this war will perhaps make the gadgets more affordable outside of the US market.  

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