Monday, August 16, 2010

Tata Steel Managing Director Calls for the Involvement of Poor People in the Development Activities

H M Nerurkar, the managing director of Tata Steel, has called for an ‘inclusive growth’ in India. He has also said that one fourth of the country’s total population is suffering from poverty and deprived of basic needs. So, it is important to include theses 250 million people in the development activities.

Mr. Nerurkar was recently present at a ceremony held at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand on the occasion of India’s 64th Independence Day. He believes that this portion of the population needs more opportunities so that they can improve their condition and contribute to the country’s economy.

He has said, “It is really shameful that 250-million population are still living below poverty line due to lack of opportunities. It will be dangerous for the country if we can not involve this section of the society in the development process.

It was not that the country had not done anything to improve the conditions of the large section of population but we have to do more.”

Tata Motors MD has also stressed on the contribution of India’s corporate sector to the development of the country’s rural people who are generally deprived of the facilities that urban people enjoy. He thinks that the Nano car, which is said to be world’s cheapest car produced by Tata Motors, and mini-refrigerator produced by Godrej are for the rural people.

It is true that India has developed a lot in many fields over the years. Its economy has been bolstered and the number of middle class people has been increased too. As a result, sectors like telecommunication, car, steel have seen extensive growth. However, still there are millions of people who live under the poverty line.

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