Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lowering Cholesterol is not that Easy

I just finished reading this report at Chicago Tribune: You can take charge of your cholesterol
"Simple measures you can take to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream."
I am fighting against high cholesterol and believe me it is not a very easy thing. When I went to the doctor last month with discomfort feeling in my chest, I had two fears- diabetes or heart disease and thanks God that I had none of them. However, I found out that my cholesterol level was significantly higher than it should be. I am not even in borderline of risk but I am in high risk.
The doctor gave me a medicine belonging to Statin and it is useful. I can touch improvement in my health but I am worried for the time when I will stop taking this medicine.
The worst part of having high level of cholesterol is that you have to stop eating meat, milk, cheese, butter, fast food, cake, pastry and not to mention egg. By the way, I am a big fan of shrimp and lobster and you can easily guess my disappointment. Of course, you will find many websites that will say that you can eat them but you have to eat in moderate level. From my own experience and suffering, I like to disagree with them and instead I am trying to leave them.  
I am trying to eat mainly brown rice and whole grain flour. I have started doing regular exercise. I could also decrease nearly 3 KG of weight in the last 4 weeks. Still, I know that I have a long way to go because once or twice in a week, I cannot follow the ideal diet for a cholesterol patient.
A very bad part of fighting against high cholesterol is that there is no good way of examining your cholesterol level in your home. When you have diabetes, there are devices and you can monitor your blood sugar level sitting at home. This cannot be done for Cholesterol.
There are some devices but have not got all out approval and support yet from the medical community. So, I am not sure whether I have been able to cut back on my cholesterol level or not. I have to go to the diagnostic center after a few days.
My main mistake was that I never tested cholesterol in my life. Well, many people are like me. I am writing this entry only to make you conscious about this problem because if you diagnose it at least once a year then you can know about any upcoming problem. 

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