Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Economic Growth in India: Bad News for Health of Rich and Poor

Continuous high economic growth in India has surely changed the lives of millions of people but has brought some negative impacts too. In a recent study carried out by The Lancet, it is stated that this change in economy has badly affected the health of both the rich and the poor. As a result, Indian economy is suffering from losses and something should be done.
As for the rich and middle class people, pattern of work is changing and they are engaged into less physical activities. Now, there are many more jobs in which the workers have to stay whole day in office and do need to go out that much. India has one of the fastest growing car markets in the world and it means that many people do not need to walk to the bus stand or sometimes walk a few kilometers when they cannot find any vehicle.
As a result, obesity and overweight is becoming a common growing pain for the people and the economy of the country. This is draining the economy. Another problem is bad driving. The number of deaths and injuries from road accidents may increase as the number of cars increases.
The poor people are not immune to bad health either. The price of everything is increasing and the poor people often cannot afford to ensure proper treatment. So, even a small disease can become fatal for some of them.
The report of The Lancet has suggested educating the people about these issues so that people try form good habits. I fully agree with this recommendation because this is indeed the only way to fight for your health. I think that the media indeed can play an important role in this regard.

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