Monday, February 21, 2011

Domestic Indian carriers will have to pay Rs.2.772 million compensation to passengers for flight delay

Six domestic Indian carriers will have to pay a total of Rs. 2.772 million in compensation to passengers for denying boarding or flight delay or cancellation of flight without prior notice.

In January, more than 67,500 passengers had been affected due to flight delays of more than two hours. India Times reports:

In a new Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) issued today that will be effective from August 15, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has made it mandatory for airlines to pay a compensation for delay and cancellation of flights or in case the passengers were denied boarding despite having a confirmed ticket.

However, the airlines will not be fined for canceling or delaying flights for situations beyond their control.

Among all the carriers, passengers of the SpiceJet had the worst. Due to flight delays 17,480 passengers had been affected and the carrier will have to pay Rs.2.011 million in compensation.

Around 16, 300 passengers of Jet Airways had been affected followed by 12,056 of GoAir, 11,042 of Kingfisher and 10,673 of IndiGo.

The carriers will pay Rs.8.48 lakh to 12,859 passengers for canceling flights without prior notice.

This is a good initiative for the Indian government. This would force the carriers to improve their standard of service.

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