Sunday, May 1, 2011

eGovernance in India: Failed to take off successfully

India currently has one of the largest and thriving ICT sectors in the world. Indian government is working towards establishing eGovernance for a long time but it failed to take off successfully in India.

I was Googling with “eGovernance in India.” I found out that the various projects in different states had been undertaken with funding from the government and various organizations but there was no continuation of those projects.

You will find numerous drafts, articles, survey findings and research paper describing the potential of eGovernance in India but there are no information about how many services are there and how many people are using it.

There are several reasons behind this failure. First of all, government is not focused on implementing eGovernance. Government officials are not much interested to implement eGovernance. Bureaucracy is another big problem. The Indian government is using “eGovernance” for image building. It is not much focused on providing the service or the end result of the eGovernance. Last but not least, there is not much effort to popularize these services among ordinary people.

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