Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Binod Chaudhary: The first Billionaire from Nepal

Nepal is famous for its poverty and we hardly hear of any famous Nepalese brand outside of the country. Yes, it has taken many people even perhaps in the country itself to know that there is a billionaire in the country- Binod Chaudhary. It is even more surprising to know that much of his income comes from selling noodles.
Mr Chaudhary first began producing noodles in 1984 in collaboration with Thai Preserved Food Factory. The privately held Chaudhary Group discloses very little financial information but he says the group’s noodle sales amount to about $1bn a year – or roughly half the non-Indonesian noodle sales of Indofood.

Really very impressive isn’t it? Well, I wonder how many workers work under this rich man. May be, in the coming months we will know more about his and his business empire.

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