Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat Wave and Drought Together in Nepal in June 2009

June is the month of Monsoon rain in South Asian countries like Bangladesh, India and Nepal. This year has been a bad one in this regard. I live in Bangladesh. Today, there was some little rain but it was nowhere near to the start of rainy season. It seems that for the people of Nepal, there is both heat wave and drought and as a result, many people have become sick. This problem may also cause some worry for the food security of the country. It is needless to state that lack of rainfall is very bad for the farmers.

Unfortunately, many people in rich countries often try to dismiss the idea that the climate of the world is changing because of their reckless behaviors and disregard to environment. They have the cars and factories and happily produce the bad gasses to make the global climate warmer and then they try to run away from their responsibilities by trying to prove that they are doing no harm to the environment.

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