Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SSC result Maharashtra 2009 in Official Website

There is still some hours left before the announcement of SSC result Maharashtra 2009. In fact, it is supposed to be announced on June 25 11 AM in the website: ("SSC Examination Result 2009 To be announced on June 25, 2009 at 11:00 Hrs.")

Around 1.6 million students sat for Secondary School Certificate exams (SSC) this year and all of them will be crazy to know their results as Google Trends already suggest.

By the way, the official website has put a warning against some bad website owners:

It has come to our notice that some of the web site holders are uplinking to our authorised web site and making their advertisement through our result site. Notice is hereby given by way of abundant caution that anybody if found uplinking of web site then such person/institute shall be liable to pay heavy compensation in addition to criminal prosecution.

It is a very unethical practice carried out by some website and blog owners to take advantage from the official website through uplinking.

Among the students, it seems that there are almost 200,000 more boys and than girls.

Times of India wrote:

More than 16 lakh students from the state, including over 2.5 lakh from the board's Pune division, had appeared for the exam, which was conducted at 3,693 centres and involved students from 19,287 secondary schools.

Of the total students, who had enrolled for the exam, over 8.96 lakh were boys and over 7.06 lakh were girls.

So, it is clear that girls are some behind in this state when it comes to education and I hope that the state government takes some important actions in this regard.

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