Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Infrastructures: The Biggest Challenge for Indian Economy

(This entry was originally uploaded on May 2009.)

I just finished reading a report by Rina Chandran in Reuters. It talked about the infrastructure problems that India is facing at this moment. Any kind of infrastructure development related project involves a lot of money and some opposition from the people whose life get affected by such projects. For example, when you make a road or build a dam or bridge, many people lose their land. On the other hand, improving the condition of the airports needs a lot of money. India economy has witnessed tremendous growth in the last one decade but the condition of infrastructure in the country has not improved that much.

Many people in India and outside of the country like to feel that there is a strong competition between India and China. Well, China has scored one big win over India in the field of infrastructures. Some Chinese cities have facilities almost in the level of New York or London. Chinese government gave a lot of importance to improve the facilities in the cities and as a result, industrialization took place and double digit economic growth happened for many years continuously.

The biggest challenge for Indian economy is the way the new government can handle the matter of infrastructure development.

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