Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Plight of Migrant Workers in Maldives

(This entry was originally uploaded on May 2009.)

It is a sad news indeed. Well, until now, there have been hardly any complaints against Maldives in this regard. We have read endless tales of sufferings of migrant workers in the Middle East and these days in Malaysia. Now, it seems that Maldives is becoming the next tragic destination in terms of sufferings of workers. Maryam Omidi has written a touching report Minivan News about the condition of foreign workers in Maldives. Some poor and miserable people from other South Asian countries spend a fortune and with the hope of coming to Malaysia sometimes end up in Maldives. Needless to say that they have to suffer a lot in this country.

Even those foreign workers who come with legal documents in the country sometimes suffer a lot of misery. Bad people are everywhere and there are bad people to take advantage from poverty of others. So, some Maldivian companies and individuals are sponsoring workers from other countries to come here and work under them. However, after the workers come then these owners take away the passports and tickets to go back home and thus, the workers become helpless.

Some of these workers are from Bangladesh (my country) and I wish that people do not become desperate and risk their everything to go to another country.

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