Monday, June 15, 2009

Maruti Suzuki Unimpressed and Unmoved by Tata Nano?

Tata Nano is the market and it is expected to become popular in the Indian market. Well, my fellow blogger Mehdi Hassan has expressed some doubt whether Nano will turn around Tata Motors’ luck. You know that Maruti is the largest player in the auto market in this country. In fact, Maruti 800 is the cheapest car in Indian roads right now. Nano will replace it when Tata Nano hits the road in large number. So, you may wonder whether Maruti bosses would feel some kind of pressure as their car is no longer the cheapest car in the country.

It seems that Maruti officials are not impressed or do not feel any pressure because of the arrival of Nano in the market. They feel that their dominance and market share will remain intact. They feel so confident that they have announced that they would not slash the price of their inexpensive models.

I agree with their idea because Tata Nano and Maruti 800 are for different market segments and for different kinds of consumers. The consumers who can afford Maruti 800 would never go for Nano. They have perhaps the right reason to feel this way confident. Despite economic recession, Maruti sale has not suffered until now.

(This entry was originally published in March 2009.)

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