Monday, June 15, 2009

Skoda Superb: 7 Star experience on wheels

India is one of the emerging car markets in the world. Already some of the top car makers of the world such as Ford, Hyundai, Honda are competing in the Indian car market. Now, there is a new competitor, the Czech automaker, Skoda. The company launched an upgraded version of its Skoda Superb, a Euro-Sedan in India, this week.

The launching ceremony took place in New Delhi. Skoda is claiming that the Superb is a ‘7 Star experience on wheels.’ Built on a Volkswagen platform couple with VW/Audi engines and VW suspension, the Skoda Superb is a great car. The earlier models of Skoda did not do well in India because of their higher price. Skoda Superb is a premium segment car. Skoda is looking forward to sell 1,000 units of Skoda Superb this year. It already sold 522 models in the last eleven month.


Length: 4838 mm

Width: 1817 mm

Height: 1462 mm

Clear height: 139 mm

Wheel base: 2761 mm


  • The new Skoda Superb comes with a ‘fuel-efficient’ new TSI (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection) petrol engine. The 1.8 TSI/118kW is coupled with a 7° automatic DSG transmission that can be controlled using the 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel.
  • The new Skoda Superb has parking assistant.
  • The new Skoda Superb has Bi-Xenon headlamps with Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS).
  • The new Skoda Superb comes with Twin-door system. Normally, you open up the fifth door of your car to carry luggage. If you are carrying bigger luggage that requires lots of space, then under the twin-door system, the rear window can be lifted up to create more space for luggage. If necessary, the volume of space can be further increased by tilting the backrest of the rear seats. In a typical cars, you would have to slam the door to shut the boot. In Skoda Superb, all you need is a light touch.
  • The Emory interior of the new Skoda Superb makes it a great style statement. The fabric, leather and synthetic leather comes in ivory color. The dash board comes in two colors- blackand ivory.
  • The new Skoda Superb comes with Climatronic air-conditioning. It ensures a comfortable environment inside the car.
  • The new Skoda Superb has sunroof with solar panels. It makes sure that there is enough air even if the car is packed.
  • The new Skoda Superb comes with 9 airbags including driver’s knee and rear side airbags.


Skoda Superb costs Rs. 18.8 lakh. The older models range between 20.1 lakh and Rs 22.7 lakh. Thomas Kuehl, Board Member, Sales & Marketing, Škoda Auto India, said that the new price is very important for the car because India is a price sensitive market. It is very important to get the right price for value proposition.

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(This entry was originally published in march 2009)

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