Saturday, June 20, 2009

Smart Telecom: A New Mobile Phone Operator in Nepal

Nepal may not be a country that all the time catches the attention of international media for economic issues but it has some kind of peace and stability at this moment. So, it is also a very good time for economic activities and there is going to be a new mobile phone operator in the country called Smart Telecom. I tried to find the website of this mobile phone operator but could not do it. So, if you know the website address of Smart Telecom then let me know when the comment section.

The company has just got the license to provide mobile phone service in the country and they’re going to start the service is very soon.

My Republica reported:

Smart Telecom, which acquired the license to provide telecom services after depositing a fee of US$39,500, is a joint venture between Nepali, Singaporean and Israeli companies. Lal Sahu Distributions Limited of Singapore has 70 percent stake in the company, while Square Network Nepal and Gilat Satellite Networks of Israel have 20 percent and 10 percent shares, respectively.

As per the commitment expressed by the company during the time of acquiring the license, it will have to first introduce services in 398 VDCs in remote areas of western, mid-western, far-western and central regions.

There is a still a lot of room for growth in the mobile phone sector of the country as tele-density is not that high. Most people are poor and live in the rural areas and there is a very big market to catch.

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