Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sri Lanka Stock Exchange with New Opportunities for Foreign Investors

With the new peace that has come in the country, Sri Lankan government is now focusing not only on economic development. It is perhaps a bigger challenge to win than the Civil War. One of the key areas that the government is focusing is the stock exchange and they’re hoping that they would be able to attract foreign investors like George Soros, Mark Mobius and other top fund managers.

(This entry was first posted in this blog a few days ago. However, for technical problems, it got deleted and I am reposting it today).

It seems that the country has one of the most open forms of stock exchange investment in Asia. A foreign investor does not need any permission from the government to invest and even there is hardly any tax compared to other south Asian countries. But in this time of economic recession, many investors are looking for new market opportunities because they have suffered a lot of loss in Europe and America and in rich Asian countries. So, if they find that Sri Lankan stock exchange is a good place to invest, then there is no doubt that they will come in large number.


  1. Can anyone tell me the best way to invest in Sri Lankan companies from the U S? (1) How do I buy them? (2) How do I follow the market?

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    Tony Waters /

  2. I am interested in investing in the csx. please arrangements to give me good a consultant.