Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trans Maldivian Airways Stops Local Flights

Sometimes, I feel very sad for people of South Asia. Most of them are poor and suffer from poverty. Well, many of them even cannot travel outside of their district or province in their whole life let alone a foreign country. Maldives may be the country with the highest per capita income in the region but it seems that the people here have the same condition like their neighbors. Otherwise, why Trans Maldivian Airways has become forced to stop its domestic flights because of lack of passengers.

Well, Maldives is a very small country and it is a combination of several hundred very small islands. So, it is obvious that most people are not keen to travel within the country because then they would have to cross a sea. Still, it shows that they do not have that much money for air travel. The irony is that many foreign tourists come to the country every year and now a days, it has become a fashion for some celebrity couples to come for honeymoon in the country. The only people who will get some happy are perhaps the officials of Island aviation. They will have no competition now in the domestic market. Well, they must also pray that they can get enough passengers.

This entry was first published on March 2009

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