Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to South Asia Blog: Greetings from Razib Ahmed

It is indeed the 4th blog related to South Asia that I am involved with in the last 3 years. I used to blog for Know More Media Blog Network in 2 blogs: (SouthAsiaBiz): About Doing Business in South Asia (IndianRaj): About Indian Economy

Sadly, Know More Media became a victim of economic recession and got shut down on 31 July 2008. Then, I started to blog for SouthAsiaFair ( and I am still writing there. So, you may wonder why I bothered to get involved with another blog about South Asia. There are simply two reasons behind it. First of all, SouthAsiaBlog belongs to me. The other 3 blogs are not owned by me. They are part of 2 different blog networks. So, at last, I have a blog of my own about South Asia. The second and more important reasons is that I want to create a blog about South Asia in which I want to focus only on writing about the region instead of trying to get traffic (page views) and SEO. Yes, this is the obvious reason.

When you are a professional blogger then most of the time, you have to think of getting more people to come and more visitors mean more money. At the end of the day, this is what matters in a professional or commercial blog. The common wisdom of problogging is that writing 5 short entries (of 200 words each) are better than one long entry (of 1,000 words). Writing about celebrity will bring more traffic than writing about literature or language. I am a professional blogger and I enjoy my work. I enjoy working long hours. I enjoy when my blogs get thousands of visitors for a sporting event, a movie or a celebrity. Yes, I accept and agree that this is what professional blogging means and I am proud to be a problogger.

In the last 3 years, my blogs have received more than 8 million page views I know that very few bloggers from my part of the world had this kind of impressive traffic. I intend to carry on that successful trend in professional blogging. At the same time, I always dreamt to have a blog about South Asia in which I will not focus on short entries, celebrities, short news, try to catch Google Traffic, try to take my entries in the home page of social bookmarking sites. Instead, I wanted to have a blog about South Asia in which I can write about history, tourism, forests, mountains, literature, language, culture, economic issues etc. I hope that SouthAsiaBlog will be the place for me to do just that.

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As stated earlier, I am a professional blogger. I am a freelance journalist too with more than 12 years of experience. I have written about different topics in more than 20 newspapers and magazines. I also worked in some private universities as a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and Lecturer in English departments and Business Administration Department.

I have a strong passion about South Asia. I have been covering South Asia for the last 3 years on a day to day basis. So, I think that I have some decent amount of knowledge about the region. I studied from Department of English, University of Dhaka. I did my Bachelor in English Literature and MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT. Two other subjects that I studied as my minors were History and International Relations. All my life, I studied in the Humanities discipline. However, after finishing my University life, I started to become interested about Business and Information Technology. So, I like to think myself as a person who have acquired some knowledge and possess some interest about Humanities, Science and Business.

Enough about me. Now, let us focus on this blog. As I stated above, I want this blog to contain my ideas and opinion about different topics related to South Asia. So, there will be no regular posting about a particular topic. May be one entry is about Literature, another is about business and then the next one is about a Philosopher from this region. You are always welcome to join the conversation. However, any kind of spamming, obscene language and hate remarks will be deleted right away. So, please, try to be gentle when you post any comment.

(This Entry was first posted in this blog on January 7, 2009 and because I had to delete the all the entries for a problem, I am again posting it now here.)

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