Monday, June 8, 2009

Tourism in India: On Course of Recovery?

Tourism sector of India is now on its way to recovery as the number of tourists from outside of India has been pretty much satisfactory recently. Due to global economic recession and last year’s Mumbai terror attack, the tourism industry saw a significant fall in the number of foreign visitors in the country. However, India has taken a number of initiatives to alleviate the security fear among the foreign tourists. In an attempt to promote India as a tourist destination, several road shows are now being organized in the countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UK and US. As a result, tourism sector in India experienced 7.6 percent increase in earning foreign exchange.

Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality Committee, Subhash Goel, has called for more support from government in this sector including high tax exemption. In return, Mr. Goel assured of creating millions of jobs in the country. Tourism industry has a target of earning US$275 billion and generating 40 million jobs in the country by 2018. However, to achieve these targets, government needs to focus more on this sector and make it more organized. More importantly, government should ensure security for the tourists.

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