Sunday, July 19, 2009

After 6 Months of South Asia Blog

Well, this blog is now more than 6 months old. However, if you look at the entries then you will notice that they are just of June 2009 and July. Well, what happened is that there were some technical problems and I had to delete the old entries and then again reposted some of them. In the last few days, we could not post that much because we are facing a problem. My wife is sick and I am in hospital with her. My other two co-bloggers for this blog are running for me. So, we cannot post regularly. I hope that things would be better next week.

If we look at the last 6 months of South Asia Blog then we can find some good achievements:

1. Over 200,000 visitors and 300,000 page views. The information is courtesy of Sitemter which is open for all:

2. Feedburner subscriber reached to 680+ which is quite amazing for a new blog.

3. South Asia Blog has now page rank 6. It is also a good achievement for a 6 months old blog.

No doubt, all the credit goes to the readers who came regularly. Then, there is Google who is sending us visitors through search results all the time.

Hopefully, we will have something bigger to celebrate when South Asia Blog passes 1 year.

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