Saturday, July 25, 2009

HSC Exam Result 2009 Published in Bangladesh

Today in Bangladesh, the biggest news item is the declaration of HSC Exam Result 2009. If you are not from South Asia, then you may get confused about HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). This exam is held in Bangladesh after 12 years of education life. Then there is Madrasah Education Board who arranges Alim examination and also, there is Technical Education Board that arranges Business Management examination. It is to be noted here that both Alim exam and Business Management exam are considered to be HSC equivalents.

In HSC exam 2009, 70.43 students passed. 18,222 got GPA 5. The candidates can get their result from their own educational institutions. They can also get the results from Website of education board: or through SMS to the mobile phone operators.

After HSC, the students will try for university education.

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