Sunday, July 5, 2009

India will push for Cutbacks on Emissions from Rich Countries

Environment pollution is a bad reality for all the people in this world. Rich countries are the main villain but these days, with continuous high economic growth, China has already become a major player in this field. India is joining the bandwagon too. Well, countries like India and China have a logic: first of all most of their people are poor and per capita pollution is much lower in these two countries compared to the rich world. Another sad reality is that for economic development, you need a lot of carbon emission.

Members of Major Economies Forum (MEF) would sit together in Italy and then they will discuss about this problem. Well, the main problem is that the rich countries like Japan do not want to sacrifice. The basic idea is that the rich countries should cut back on their emission and this would allow the poor countries to have more scope for more emission.

European Union officials feel that China, India, South Africa and Brazil have to do more for greener environment.

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