Thursday, July 9, 2009

A small Step from Google: A Giant Leap for Bloggers

If you are a regular visitor to this blog then you will notice that I do not use images or pictures that much. Well, the reason is that I am afraid of breaking copyrights in images. I know that some bloggers do it without giving that much thought. However, I like to follow the rules. That is why, I am so happy to see that Google has introduced a great new search feature in Image Search.

Official Blog of Google Wrote:

To enable this feature, go to our advanced image search page. Under the "Usage rights" section, you can select the type of license you'd like to search for, such as those marked for reuse or even for commercial reuse with modification. Your results will be restricted to images marked with CC or other licenses. Once you confirm the license of the image and make sure that your use will comply with the terms of the license (such as proper attribution to the image's owner), you can reuse the image. Some of you may already see these options, and we'll be rolling this feature out to everyone throughout the day.

This is a great day for all the bloggers. Google has introduced this feature mainly think of bloggers like us who want to follow the rule. That is why, I like the company and that is why, they are the best in Internet search engine market.

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  1. One wonders what we did without it. Who can put a picture on their blog without wondering what the legal ramifications. One things of the woman who downloaded and passed on music online and was hit with huge fines that she could never pay. Thankyou for pointing out this new developement.