Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Community Shield 2009: A Big Event in South Asia Too!

August is a boring time in South Asia as far as having any sporting event is concerned. It is the time of rainy season in most part of the region and that is why, it is impossible to play cricket at this moment. Cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In fact, at this time, only there is some cricket in Sri Lanka. Anyway, the good thing for sports fans is that football action in England is going to start. The opening event is Community Shield or Charity Shield. FA Community Shield 2009 is going to take place this Sunday, 9 August 2009 at the Wembley Stadium. Manchester United is going to face Chelsea.

I am not still sure whether it will be broadcast live in any TV channel in India or other parts of South Asia. In fact, Biplob is writing about it in another blog Sports37. Anyway, I just wish that English FA officials take the South Asian market more seriously and try to ensure that maximum number of people can enjoy the matches in television. Many people in South Asia would wait eagerly for the result of Community Shield 2009 because both Manchester United and Chelsea are very popular in this part of the world. EPL is becoming very popular in India and this is a very attractive market for anyone.

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