Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 official website review

The official website of Miss Universe 2009 does not contain much written information about the the competition but there are lots of video clips. There are ten major sections in the website.

Contestants: The contestants section gives you information about the eighty four gorgeous Miss Universe delegates. Upon clicking on the name of the contestants you will go to another page which contains five photos of that contestant and other information about her.

Dayana Mendoza: She is the reigning Miss Universe and on August 23, 2009 she will hand over the crown to the next Miss Universe. The page contains photos of tours of Dayana Mendoza. You will also get information about her recent and past activities.

The Pageant: If you are looking for necessary information on Miss Universe 2009, then this is the place. You will get information on the host, hotel, venue, tickets, judges, performers, tickets, and event calendar.

Video: The video section contains numerous video clips including introduction of the contestants, preliminary event, photo shoot and so on. This year, there are many video clips but very less written information.

Photos: This section contains still photos of pageants and various events of Miss Universe 2009.

Blogs: Dayana Mendoza and former beauty queens share their experience with you through their blogs.

Community: If you want to talk about your favorite Miss Universe and want to know who are the top favorites in this year’s Miss Universe then this is the place you should come to.

The bad thing about the website is that there are almost no written information about the contestants and the pageant. In many Asian countries the condition of Internet is not good so these people would not be able to see the videos. It also shows that Miss Universe 2009 has been badly hit by the economic recession.

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