Monday, August 10, 2009

Multilink and HP Laptops in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh even five years ago laptop was considered to be a luxury item because it was almost impossible to get a laptop below 1 lakh taka. Very few people could own a notebook. However, because of decrease in price in the international market, this gadget has become affordable to at least to the rich and higher middle class people. Thus, there is a sizeable market now for this product in Dhaka. Yesterday my assistant Abdul Aziz (Liton) went to BCCS Computer City market. There, he talked to AKM Mamun of Multilink Internatinal Co.Ltd. Multilink is distributor of HP products in Bangladesh. When Mr. Aziz went to the Multilink shop, he found that HP laptops were displayed in the shop in a very attractive manner. He took a very short interview of Mr. Mamun:

South Asia Blog: Tell us something about you and your company.

AKM Mamun: Thanks a lot for visiting our store. I am AKM Mamun Assistant Manager (Marketing) of Multilink International Co Ltd. We are one of the largest names in the IT industry of Bangladesh. We mainly sell HP products. You can find more information about Multilink by visiting our website

South Asia Blog: What is the highest and lowest price of your laptop models that you are selling at this moment? What about after sales service?

AKM Mamun: The highest price of HP Pavilion dv6-1116TX laptop is 95,000 taka and the least expensive model is HP 540 and its price is 45,500 taka.

We have dedicated service team and we are HP authorized service partner in whole Bangladesh.

When a customer faces any problem then comes to us. If it is during the time of warranty period then we fix it without any charge. The length of repairing the laptop depends on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, if it is a minor problem then it can be solved within a few days. If it a major problem then it may take more time.

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  1. They sure are expensive there. cheapest is 45,500 taka?? that is way too much.