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My Name Is Khan: All the trivias

My Name Is Khan is the upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan and after a long time, the movie will unite the Bollywood dream team- Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Karan Johar. Previously, the trio gave hit movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam. My Name Is Khan is going to be big. Famous Hollywood Studio, Fox Searchlight bought the world wide distribution rights of the movie for Rs.100 crore. Hindi movie fans are eagerly waiting to see the romantic couple Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan after a long time. In this post I am going to give you various information about My Name Is Khan. The post will be updated on a regular basis:

  • Interestingly, titles of movies directed by Karan Johar till date starts with ‘K’ but this time he made an exception with My Name Is Khan. The movie is based on the story of a Muslim couple in the U.S. Karan Johar bought the rights of the story from the couple.

  • Part of the movie was shot in San Francisco. The shooting team went there on June 1, 2009. They shot the movie for a month. The remaining portion of the movie will be at Film City in India.

  • To shoot the movie, a large set has been built at Josh Maidain, Film City. There is a dam which is around three feet in depth and 135X240 in size. A church and some small houses will be built in the dam.

  • My Name Is Khan brings together Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan one of the most loving onscreen couples of Bollywood after a long time. Earlier, the team of Karan, Kajol and Shah Rukh gave hit movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam. After eight years, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan are coming together once again.

  • Karan Johar is the director and co-producer of the movie. He became very upset when actor Aamir Bashir was not given the U.S Visa. Post Mumbai terrorist attack, US consulate became very much cautious. Aamir Bashir was supposed to play the younger brother of Shah Rukh Khan but Jimmy Shergill will play the role now. He already worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Mohabbatein.

  • Zarina Wahab played the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s mother in My Name Is Khan. Karan Johar was looking for a woman who would capture the sensitivity of a mother to an autistic son. Zarina Wahab is a talented actress and worked in many successful movies including Chit Chor.

  • Every time Karan Johar walked around the streets in the U.S after shooting, a large crowd of Asian people followed him. Many requested him to have coffee but he is allergic to coffee.

  • The story and the script of My Name Is Khan has been written by Shibani Bathija. The movie talks about Muslim in the U.S.

  • The songs of My Name Is Khan were written by Javed Akhtar and Niranjan Iyengar. In the beginning, Javed Akhtar did not want to write songs for the movie for he was not ready to share credits with anyone but this time he made an exception. Javed Akhtar was very much excited when he heard the subject of the movie. Javed Akhtar wrote the title song of the movie. Previously, Mr. Akhtar wrote songs for Kal Ho Na Ho and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. On the other hand, Niranjan Iyengar wrote two Sufi songs for the movie.

  • In My Name Is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role Rizwaan Khan, an India Muslim, who lives in San Francisco. Rizwaan Khan suffers form Asperger’s Syndrom. In the movie, the love story between Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol gives the movie an emotional touch. Asperger’s Syndrome is a neurobiological problem. People suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome are very intelligent but lack social skills especially picking non-verbal cues like eye-contact and they take up the literal meaning of any comment. They are also very sensitive to sounds, smells and colors. To play an autistic person, Shah Rukh Khan read books, watched documentaries and met physicians to gain better understanding how autistic people behave. Shah Rukh said after doing his research he has great respects for parents who brings up autistic children.

  • Previously, My Name is Khan was supposed to open at the end of 2009 but it was postponed to early 2010. This happened due to the stand off between multiplex owners and movie producers over revenue sharing. The stand-off started on April 4, 2009 and ended in June. It caused a loss worth $40 to $60 million in revenue.

  • In the movie, Tanay Chheda played young Shah Rukh Khan. He played young Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Karan Johar went to the 62nd Cannes Film Festival to look for buyers for My Name is Khan. Few years ago, Karan Johar also promoted his Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in Cannes.

  • In My Name Is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan dons three different looks and for the first time, King Khan will be seen in short hair on the screen. Hairdresser Dilshad took care of Shah Rukh Khan’s hair for the movie. For the movie, Shah Rukh Khan sports crew cut hair. For the character, Shah Rukh Khan also gained weight.

  • In addition, Shah Rukh Khan’s character Rizwaan Khan has been given a black stone in the movie. He holds it all the time. Director Karan Johar did it to give the character a distinct look. It is a sort of “security blanket” to the character. It shows the need to hold on to something. The way Rizwaan Khan holds the stone reveals his reaction in the movie.

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