Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Gun Murugun: The Clint Eastwood from South India

Title: Quick Gun Murugun

Director: Shashanka Ghosh


Rajendra Prasad...... Quick Gun Murugun

Vinay Pathak...... Mr. Chitragupt

Ranvir Shorey...... Sansani Reporter

Sandhya Mridul...... Masala News Reporter

Rambha...... Mango Dolly

Ashwin Mushran...... Dr Django

Nasser………………Rice Plate Reddy

If you are bored with the typical Bollywood comedy then this is a breath of fresh air. The ninety minute spoof is guaranteed to make you laugh till you drop. The character of Murugun was created by Rajesh Devraj and Shashanka Ghosh for Channel [V] in 1994. It became immensely popular but developing a full movie from a thirty second TV character was quite challenging. Shashanka Ghosh directed the movie and the script was written by Rajesh Devraj.

The QGM is a “Clint Eastwood-worshipping vegetarian Tamilian cowboy.” A dosa lover, Murugun believes that it is his duty to serve and protect and so he does with style. His arch villain, Rice Plate Reddy, owns the McDosa Corp. and plans to create a machine that would produce non-vegetarian dhosa. Murugun foils the Reddy’s plan with the help of Mango Dolly, who secretly loves Murugun but Murugun is committed to his first love, locket girl.

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