Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Argentina vs Brazil 5 September 2009: Who will Win?

For live score and updates of the world cup qualifying match between Argentina and Brazil, visit the following link:

Argentina and Brazil Match Live Updates: 5 September 2009

In my part of the world, many people are crazy for these two teams. So, Argentina vs Brazil World Cup 2010 Qualifying match is a very important event for South Asia.

Argentina is going to entertain their arch rival Brazil in a world cup qualifying match in 5 September, 2009. So, you can understand that there are only four days left before the match and I do not need to remind you that this match is very important for both of the teams because none of them have been able to make sure their place in world cup final that is going to take place in 2010 inSouth Africa. Well, I have to say that Brazil is a very comfortable position because in South American world cup region, Brazil has played fourteen matches and is now standing at the top of the table with 27 points. On the other hand,Argentina is in the fourth position with 22 points.

So, it is a must win for Argentina because only the four teams are sure fromSouth America to advance in the final. The fifth team has some kind of possibility but for this they have to take part in a play off against fourth place team from another region. So, Diego Maradona is now the current coach and he wants that his team must win the match against Brazil. On the other hand, it is a prestigious match also for Brazilian team because they never want to lose toArgentina. This is a very old rivalry and you should know that there are millions of people around the world who will be watching this match live in Television channels. Especially in Asia, millions of people are either supporters of Argentinaor Brazil.

Now, let us come back to our question who will win in this match? I think thatArgentina is the strong favorite because first of all they have some quality players and more than everything is a home match for them. The players also know that they must win the match. I think Argentina has one very important player who is Lionel Messi of Barcelona and another important player is Carlos Tevej who is now playing for Manchester City. These two players can be very dangerous against any team and I don’t think that in that match Brazilian defense will be able to hold them long time.

Argentina has also some quality players playing in England Premier League and Spanish La Liga and Italian League. In fact, there are few players from who play in their home and most of the players play in Europe.

The same thing goes for Brazil too. Brazil has some excellent players who are in top form in England and Europe. So, it will be a very interesting battle between them.

I think that Argentina has better strikers and in midfield the two teams look similar to me and in defense I want to give some more advantage to Argentina. I want to remind to that in last year Brazil entertained Argentina and match was a goal less draw. I clearly remember that in that match Brazil was not so good. However, since that match Brazilian team has come back so strongly and they are quite good.


  1. i am a crazy fan of argentina,

  2. argentina wain, come on argentinaaaaaaaaa

  3. Brazil is the best. Maradona and Messi both are not headache for the Brazil team.