Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Avantika Malik: Suddenly Famous for Engagement with Imran Khan

I had no idea who Avantika Malik was until today, I found her in many blogs and websites related to Bollywood. She was the girl friend of Bollywood young hero Imran Khan and now she is engaged with him and that means that Avantika Malik is the would be wife of this hero. This is perhaps bad news to many young girls to whom he is the dream man. What I understand is that even no formal engagement ceremony took place yet and it wont take place this year.

Times of India wrote:

And although the actor is keen on making the formal announcement only in January, the industry has already raised a toast to the couple.

“Yes it’s true. But we’re planning to have a proper ceremony later, so right now it’s just for us and our families,” admitted Imran refusing to reveal the wedding date. But, a source said, “Imran had thrown a surprise party for Avantika on her birthday on July 18, a very private affair, with only very close family and friends present. There he surprised everyone by proposing to Avantika. Amidst much cheering, she accepted.”

As a result, now, many Bollywood fans will keenly watch the every move of Avantika Malik. She has suddenly become very famous. Well, she is the daughter of an influential man in this industry. They have been quite frank and open about their relationship. Frankly, many people in India are missing a memorable wedding for quite some time. The last one that rocked not only Bollywood but also the whole country was that of Bachchan and Rai.

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