Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can Google Help the Newspaper Industry with Micro payment System

Well, it is very bad time for the printer newspaper industry. They are facing increasing competition from Internet and some newspaper owners feel that Google is the villain. Well, they are wrong because Google is not stealing their content. In fact, no one is stealing their content. Instead, what they don’t understand is that their system is outdates. Internet publishing is very cheap and for example, for maintaining this blog, I do not have to spend any money. We try to update it regularly and every month this blog is visited by more or less 100,000 people. Now, Google is thinking of helping the newspapers with a micro payment method.
PC World reported:
In the next year, Google plans to launch a "micropayments" feature as part of its Checkout online payments service, it said in the document. The system could allow consumers to buy a package subscription to several publications and then pay for other stories on an a la carte basis. In a separate statement, Google said on Thursday it had no specific products to announce. But in a separate statement on Thursday, Google said it had no specific products to announce yet.
"The idea is to allow viable payments of a penny to several dollars by aggregating purchases across merchants," Google said in the document.
Newspaper owners should remember that online advertisement revenue is increasing while offline revenue is declining. 

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