Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kylie Minogue introduces herself to India with Blue Hindi movie

Australian pop singer and actress, Kylie Minogue, may be very popular in Europe and the U.S but she is not so well known in Asian countries. As Bollywood movies are very popular in South Asian countries, working in Blue Hindi movie is a great way to launch herself in the region. However, the singer was not cheap to get. The producers of Blue Hindi movie had to pay her Rs.50 million. Upon coming to India, the singer was surrounded by dozens of bodyguards and bouncers. Her security arrangements cost another Rs.2,50,000. Anthony D’Souza is also very happy with Kylie Minogue. He said:

"Kylie was completely a director's actor. She did what was required of her. She reached the sets ready on the dot; she threw no tantrums and was a delight to work with….She is essentially playing herself in the film. She has shot with us for six days to finish her part,"

Famous Bollywood choreographer and director Farah Khan, choreographed Kylie Minogue’s song, ‘Chiggy Wiggy.’ The song is picturised on Akshay Kumar and Kylie and already it has become very popular among the youth.Here is the video clip of Kylie Minogue’s song with Akshay Kumar.

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