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Lara Dutta gets less publicity in Blue Hindi movie

Blue Hindi movie poster

In Blue Hindi movie, actress Lara Dutta will be seen donning a bikini. To look gorgeous in bikini, the actress had to lose all the extra fats. The producer of the movie gave her five months to shape up.

Lara Dutta plays the role of ‘Mona,’ Sanjay Dutt’s girlfriend. Prior to this movie, Lara did not even know how to swim. For the movie, she had to learn deep-sea scuba diving in Mauritius. However, another news report said that since January 2008, Lara Dutta started training in swimming and underwater diving for four hours daily. She trained under a national team swimming coach. She then attended a professional diving course in Thailand. Lara Dutta also trained at Watson Fitness under Zarine Watson to tone up her muscles.

Prior to the shooting of Blue Hindi movie, Lara Dutta had a knee injury and she was supposed to participate at ‘The Unforgettable Tour’ and perform with the Bachchans but she did not go because she wanted to recover from her injury so that she can shoot for Blue Hindi movie.

In Blue Hindi movie, Lara Dutta set the screen on fire with her gorgeous looks and it cost the producer huge amount of money. As there were many underwater sequences, Lara Dutta had to wear special water-resistant make-ups and for that, famous Hollywood make-up artists, Nikoletta Skarlatos and Clarabelle Saldhana, were roped in. Nikoletta Skarlatos worked with Keira Knightley in Pirates of Caribbean. And now, every body is seeing the results. Lara Dutta enjoyed very much working Nikoletta and picked up lots of make-up techniques from her. Working for Blue Hindi movie Nikoletta also became a big fan of Bollywood movies.

Lara Dutta is all praise for Akshay Kumar as the actor always motivated her to do the action sequences in the movie. He always motivated her to push her limits. Lara loved working with him. It was Akshay Kumar who along with Katrina Kaif, also suggested Lara Dutta’s name to the director.

Shooting in the Bahamas was a very enjoyable experience for Lara Dutta. She said:

“The experience of shooting in Bahamas is quite magnificent and the place is like heaven on earth. The sea is just so serene and pure. Each day is like a new experience and the vista never feels jaded. We have caught the most marvelous shots on camera and our audiences will be amazed as it won’t be like anything that they have seen before.”

In the movie, a romantic song, 'Aaj Dil Gustak Hai was picturised on Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta. A good part of the song was shot under water where Sanjay and Lara played with trained dolphins. The sequence was shot in Bimini Islands and the two actors enjoyed it very much. Even after the shot was finished the two played with the dolphins for some time.

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