Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zayed Khan replaced John Abraham in Blue Hindi movie

Actor Zayed Khan is a certified scuba diver but even he had difficult times while shooting the under water scenes with sharks in Blue Hindi movie. He said:

"Just the idea of swimming around with these unpredictable beasts (sharks) was difficult. We always had our trainers and divers around… When you train as a student, you go till a maximum of 35-40 feet. But when we trained for the film, we had to dive down to 85-90 feet deep enough to get actual shots of weed and sunken ships. It was scary"
Zayed Khan played the role of Sam, one of the three friends, who has a knack for getting into troubles. Sam used to live in Bangkok but he got into trouble over there and escaped to the Bahamas where he meets Aarav (Akshay Kumar) and Sagar (Sanjay Dutt).

For the role of Sam, Anthony D’Souza’s first choice was John Abraham. It was John who sent Anthony D’Souza to Ashtavinayak. After hearing the script, they took him.However, John could not give dates due to his prior commitments.

To Zayed Khan, the stuntmen of the Blue Hindi movie were the real heroes. They made the whole thing look so easy because they have a way of dealing with fear. The stuntmen first made Zayed Khan to touch the sharks and then prepared him to do the fight sequences while being surrounded by the sharks. Everything was done very carefully. Some times, the stuntmen used to ask him about his favorite songs and seconds later, he could hear them through a device fixed in his ears under water. For instance, once he told them that he wanted to hear Eminem and within seconds he could hear it and so could other stuntmen and divers. The whole setting, though risky, was very much enjoyable like walking on the moon.

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