Saturday, September 26, 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 is Giving a lot of Excitement

If you want to get live score of India vs Pakistan match then visit the link- India Australia Match Updates: 28 September 2009

Who said that the number of ODI matches should become numbered? Whoever said it did not say it right because today, the viewers at the stadiums in South Africa and TV viewers all around the world watched two exciting matches. In the first match, Australia defeated West Indies. Then, in the second match, Pakistan defeated India.
Both the two matches were competitive. Tomorrow, two matches are going to take place. England will play against South Africa. In another match, New Zealand and Sri Lanka will take part. All the matches are important.
I am happy that Champions Trophy is providing a lot of entertainment this time. Well, India lost the first match and if in the next match, they lose against Australia then they will be out of this tournament and then all fans in India will lose attraction for event. It will bring huge loss for the TV channels and sponsoring companies. Well, we cannot predict who will win and who will lose. However, to stay alive in this competition India must win both the matches.
ODI cricket should not be abolished. There can be some changes to the rules to make it more attractive.
What do you think?

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