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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Preview & Live Score: ICC Champions Trophy 2009

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In a do-or-die match of group B, Sri Lanka is going to face New Zealand tomorrow (27 September) in Champions Trophy 2009. The defeated side of the match will be eliminated from the tournament. Sri Lanka started of very well in the tournament defeating host South Africa in the opening game, but lost to England in the next game. So, the New Zealand game is the last match for Sri Lanka in the group stage. New Zealand, on the other hand, can not afford another defeat after losing the first game to South Africa. Naturally, it is a big match for both sides and I expect a highly competition affair at the New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

If you want to get the live score and updates of the match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand, then visit Cricinfo:

Match: Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, Group B, ICC Champions Trophy 2009

Date: 27 September 2009

Venue: New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kick off: 07:30 GMT (Local Time 09:30)

Sri Lanka has a very good squad in the presence of some hard hitting batsmen and two threatening spinners. After a good start, Sri Lanka lost the momentum against England and could not put on any competition in the game. In fact, Sri Lankan batsmen totally failed against England. Most importantly, they failed against an ordinary England bowling attack.

AFP reported:

"No defeat is good. We like to win every game. We've got to do a lot better and we can do a lot better. Everyone knows that. We have one day to review things and get back," Sangakkara said after his team's defeat.

"Every game is important in the Champions Trophy. We need to improve our fielding. If we beat New Zealand we are in the semi-finals, almost there," said the Sri Lankan captain.

"The key is to get the processes right and make sure that we cover all the areas. Everyone has got skills, but it's a matter of what you do with it on the match day."

New Zealand came to South Africa on the back of a frustrating tour in Sri Lanka, but they indicated a strong bounce back when they defeated India in the practice match with sheer ease. However, the same New Zealand appeared against South Africa in their first match of the tournament. In fact, their batsmen failed once again to live up to the expectation. Now, there is no doubt, New Zealand batsmen must improve on their current level of performance, if they are to survive in the tournament. Otherwise, New Zealand elimination from the group stage will be ensured tomorrow leaving a match in hand.

Well, it is also true that the nature of the wickets will also have a decisive role in the game. A spinner friendly wicket will see New Zealand playing an extra spinner in Jeetan Patel, but then they have to face the likes of Muralitharan and Mendis. So, it would be better for New Zealand if Johannesburg wicket offers help to the pacers. In that case, I would not be surprised if Sri Lanka plays one specialist spinner in order to make way for an extra pacer.

Oddspreview reported:

The nature of the pitch, rather than form issues, is likely to determine the make-up of these two teams. New Zealand made a tactical error in not picking Jeetan Patel for the dry wicket at Centurion but he is unlikely to play here. Room might be made for another seamer, either Ian Butler or James Franklin, although the Black Caps will be concerned not to weaken their already fragile batting.

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Overall, it seems to be a final before the semi final! Sounds odd? Well, it is final in the sense that one team’s Champions trophy hopes will be finished with this match. So, in a sense, this is the match where both teams can hold on to their hopes. Now, let us see if both sides can present an entertaining match showing some exciting cricketing display.

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