Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jet Airways Pilot Strike Come to an End

This is surely welcome news for hundreds of passengers who got stranded in different airports in India in the last few days. What happened was that two pilots were dismissed because they tried to set up a trade union. Jet Airways lost a lot of money because of this problem. I saw a report that the loss was nearly $8 million.
BBC reported:
More than 400 of the company's pilots called in sick to protest after two of their colleagues were sacked for setting up a trade union.
The airline and pilots' union said they had agreed to hold talks. The sacked pilots will be re-instated.
The company's executive director reportedly said international flights would resume immediately.
"The [sacked] pilots will be taken back into service and flight operations are set to begin as early as tomorrow after the pilots' rostering is done," the United News of India agency reported, citing unnamed sources.
Hopefully, the management of Jet Airways and the pilots can learn something from this strike. Because of economic recession the condition of aviation sector in India is not good. This kind of strike can only put the companies like Jet Airways closer to becoming out of business. 

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